What logistics companies do you employ?

We collaborate with all major logistics companies and local express partners. During the checkout process, our system will prompt you to choose the delivery method.

How are customs and import duties/taxes handled?

Please note that the taxes/duties in the destination country/region are the responsibility of the customer.

Why does an e-cigarette start leaking overnight?

This involves various factors. Please contact our customer service department for more detailed information.

Can coils be cleaned with water?

It is not recommended to do so, as cleaning coils does not necessarily extend their lifespan.

Can l pay with my VISA/Mastercard card?

We encourage people to use Bitcoin and Western Union, howeverwe process Paypal/Visa/MasterCards for limited times. If you did not find the option available,come back another time and pleasecontact customer service.

ls your website safe?

We will provide you a tracking num after you order, you can track the package all the way.so plzdont worry aboutit.Also, all fyourpersonal information that you used on our site is confidential.

Where can I look for information on the order I placed?

Your Order Confirmation email contains the detail of your order including order number. You also get a tracking number from which you can track your order.

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